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Between Sea and Hill

San Lucido, Calabria

Where the sun sets in the sea...

Who we are

Borgo Rosso di Sera is a terrace on the beautiful Calabrian sea, a place between sea and hills, where it is possible to live a unique sensorial experience, lost in the unpolluted Thyrrenian nature. The Resort is in San Lucido, a country wood area, just in the middle between sea and mountain.

Borgo Rosso di Sera Resort Country Chic
C.da Puppa
87038 San Lucido (CS)​, ItalyIL RESORT

Come Raggiungerci

Taking the SS18 in South direction, after the crossroad of S. Lucido, there is a street that gets in the little hill and, after 2 kilometres it leads to the Borgo (200 meters from the sea level). The entrance shows already a rich green area with high trunk plants, typical samples Mediterranean and pre Mediterranean scrub.

​How to reach San Lucido from the Airport:
By Train: 26 min, By Bus: 58 min, By Taxi: 48 min, By Car: 48 min

From Paola Railway station is 5 minutes by car


San Lucido

San Lucido is a centre near Cosenza, 56 meters on sea level, on a picturesque rock spur of Thyrrenian coast. There are many beauties in this area made up by history, archaeology and beaches.
A journey in this area is complete if you can taste everything. The cliffs were so far in the past, while today they are very near to the beach.
From the seafront, looking up, it can be seen the enchanting Panoramic. A terrace on the sea, from which it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view: sea, mountains, wide landscapes until Sicilian coasts. During the night the Panoramic is full of colours creating a suggestive scenery. Also the arches that support the big terrace are lightened.

San Lucido is not only sea and landscape. It has a past rich of history and legends, monuments of great archaeological and historical importance.
In our area there are places that can open the tourist’s eyes, that, visiting these places, can understand what the South of Italy can give to the tourists.